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Common questions our veterinarians are frequently asked:

Do I need to give my cat a rabies vaccine if she never goes outside?
Yes. All cats and dogs in the state of Maine, by law, need to be immunized against rabies whether they stay indoors or not.

When can I bathe my dog or cat after surgery?
Anytime after 10 days unless otherwise instructed by the Veterinarian.

Will my animal be in pain after surgery?
We know that any type of surgery will cause pain therefore we have aggressive and current pain protocols in place. You will likely be sent home with some pain medications to give to your pet.

My pet does not seem in pain, do I have to give all the pain medications? 
We recommend you give all the medications.

Do I really need to have the blood work done before my pet’s surgery? 
This is a safety measure that we recommend to provide the highest level of care. The blood work lets us know if there are any underlying liver or kidney problems with your pet.

I am not seeing worms in my pet’s stool. Does this mean he/she does not have worms? 
In most cases you will not see the worms. Most intestinal parasites shed microscopic eggs and cannot be seen with the unaided eye. The exception to this rule is the tapeworm. The tapeworm regularly sheds a visible segment.

I am using an over the counter flea preventative and my pet still has fleas, what should I do? 
You always want to use a veterinary approved flea product. Fleas are masters of keeping themselves alive. They have developed ingenious mechanisms to do this and it is crucial to treat your house as well as all the pets in the house.

My cat is urinating outside the litter box. Does he/she have an infection. 
Maybe. There are many reasons for this eliminating issue and we should examine your pet to rule out the possible causes.

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