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COVID-19 Updates

COVID-19 Updates
February 16, 2022

Taylor Brook Animal Hospital’s goal is to continue to safely provide the services you and your pet rely on.  We would like to thank all of our clients and pets that have remained patient and supportive during these very stressful and frustrating times. As many of you have experienced, some of the daily challenges include busy phone lines, longer than normal hold times, prolonged wait times for appointments, call backs, and medication refills. We assure that these issues are just as frustrating to us and we are truly doing our very best to serve you and your pets.


We will be closed Saturdays until further notice

What to expect when you have arrived for an appointment:

  • We ask that if you have arrived at our facility for your scheduled appointment to please remain in your vehicle and call the clinic to notify us you are here (207)-784-1726.
  • Our client service representatives will begin the check in process for your pet.
  • Once you are checked in, our veterinary technicians will be notified and go out to your vehicle to bring you and your pet inside the building.
  • We ask that one person comes in at a time for the appointment with masks on.
  • Payment will be taken in the lobby like usual after the appointment. 
  • For technician appointments: They will continue to do be done curbside along with payment.

If the phone line is busy, keep calling or leave a message. Curbside practices involve much more time on the phone by all staff and we simply do not have enough phone lines in place to handle the volume at all times. We understand that you may be on time for your appointment, but your call may come in a few minutes late due to busy phones.

We are doing our best to try to notify you if our doctors are running behind. We try to give an estimated time upon arrival and try to update you if that wait changes. Extra COVID procedures are causing these increased wait times. While we want to be very respectful of your time, please consider planning for some extra time for your appointment, especially if your pet is sick. If we are running behind and you are in a hurry, kindly notify us and we can reschedule if the wait time is an issue.

Medication Refills

We are working diligently to maintain access to all medication your pets may need. Please allow 24 hours for your medication refills. We have had increased prescription refill requests and are doing everything we can to provide your pets with the medications and care they need. We appreciate everyone’s patience. We encourage you to also visit our online store to have your prescription shipped right to your door!

We will be taking payments over the phone for medication refills and will bring all medications to your vehicle.

Keeping Everyone Healthy

We have advised our employees of personal hygiene, social distancing techniques, and have provisioned our hospital with more sanitary supplies to inhibit the spread of the virus at work and in the community. We have also added more frequent and enhanced cleaning routines to make sure all surfaces are being properly disinfected.

We are following the CDC’s recommendations and encouraging sick team members to stay home for the safety of your families and ours.

We ask that if you have an appointment and are exhibiting any symptoms such as fever, cough, shortness of breath, or breathing difficulties, refrain from coming to the hospital or leaving home and call to reschedule your appointment.

COVID and Your Pets

It appears that dogs and cats are not readily infected with SARS-CoV-2, we have little to no evidence that they become ill, and no evidence that those that may be naturally infected spread SARS-CoV-2 to other pets or people. Out of an abundance of caution, it is recommended that those ill with COVID-19 limit contact with animals until more information is known about the virus. If you are ill with COVID-19 have another member of your household take care of walking, feeding, and playing with your pet. If you have a service animal or you must care for your pet, don’t share food, kiss, or hug them, and wash your hands before and after any contact with your pet or service animal. You should not share dishes, drinking glasses, cups, eating utensils, towels, or bedding with other people or pets in your home.

Again, thank you for your continued kindness, patience, and understanding. We hope that you and your pets remain safe and healthy. We will continue to closely monitor new developments and we are prepared to take additional measures as necessary, keeping you informed along the way.

If you have questions or concerns about your pet’s upcoming visit, please don’t hesitate to contact us at (207) 784-1726.